Lake Ray Hubbard Emergency Pet Care Center was established in Rowlett in 1997 by a local group of veterinarians to provide high quality emergency and critical care on nights, weekends, and holidays. In 2004, we expanded our services to include internal medicine and surgery specialists and moved to our current location in Mesquite. We are excited to announce that we have expanded once again…by merging the internal medicine, emergency and surgery departments under a single management and partnership owned by local veterinarians. The consolidation of the doctors and staff into “one team” provides a unique and efficient framework of veterinary personnel resulting in coordinated and optimal diagnostic and treatment plans for seriously ill or injured pets. Our surgery and internal medicine specialists work seamlessly with the emergency veterinarians and support staff to provide exceptional care for your pet, 24-hours a day in a caring and compassionate environment. With the unification of the departments and anticipation of joining more specialists to our team… we are changing our name to the Veterinary Referral Center of East Dallas (VRCED).

A referral from your veterinarian is not required and you are welcome to contact us directly. Because VRCED is not a general care facility, we will work closely with your family veterinarian to assure your pet receives optimal care. Please ask your veterinarian about VRCED or call us for more information.

State-of-the-Art Facility
Our state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment to care for pets that have been severely traumatized or those that are seriously ill. Our highly trained, professional, and courteous staff will insure that your pet receives the highest quality care possible.

The ER is typically open when your veterinarian is closed; nights, weekends and holidays. We operate as an extension of your veterinarian to provide the care that you would expect to receive at his or her hospital. Clients do not need appointments to be seen by the ER staff.

When a consultation is needed with Internal Medicine or Surgery, your veterinarian will call and establish a referral providing all necessary history, previous lab tests and working diagnoses in order to assist in developing a diagnostic and therapeutic plan. Your veterinarian will remain an important part of the ongoing care of your pet and will receive a copy of all medical records and test results.

When You Arrive to the ER
Upon arrival to our facility on emergency basis, a nurse will immediately triage your pet to determine the severity of the sickness or illness.

The most critical animals will be seen by the attending veterinarian first. A long wait should be expected for stable pets when the ER is busy. Often your pet will be brought back to the treatment area for examination and observation while other animals are being treated. If your pet is critical, he or she will become the first priority. We understand that you are very concerned with your pet and we will inform you of the assessment of your family pet as soon as possible.

Following a complete evaluation and examination, the veterinarian will discuss any recommended diagnostics, treatment and care. Once the authorization for treatment is obtained, the staff will proceed quickly and efficiently to provide the best possible care for your pet. You will be notified of all changes in your pet’s condition as soon as they occur. Often your pet may need to be hospitalized if he/she is very ill, but you can be assured that our technicians and veterinarians will provide around-the-clock care for your loved one.

All non-critical pets taken through the ER and needing further care must be discharged on the following regular business day and transported back to your regular veterinarian. A local ambulance service is available for those having difficulty with the transport.

Upon Discharge
Following discharge from our hospital, all diagnostic information and medical records are immediately shared with your regular veterinarian. Radiographs will be released with the pet and should be taken to the regular veterinarian for further evaluation. It is common to pick up additional prescription medications directly from your veterinarian. All follow up evaluations, including suture removal, laboratory recheck testing, splint or bandage checks, etc.. are performed by your veterinarian. Please call for an appointment. Any pet with complications can return to the ER after normal business hours.