We are very sad at the passing of our Annabel, but I wanted to thank the ladies who cared for her. They were professional and empathetic. They called twice during the 2+ hour surgery with complete updates, but unfortunately, the internal damage was beyond repair. We were too distraught to speak to them at the time, but I really wanted to say “Thank You!” for the wonderful job you do everyday.

– Sheyla T

Thank you to Dr. Britton for saving our dog’s life by performing a high-risk, emergency cholecystectomy. It takes a great surgeon to pull this off, and she rocked it from every angle! And thanks so much to the other vets and staff who cared for our dog for the days surrounding the surgery and for keeping him comfortable. We are very grateful for your excellent care.

– Tammy M

My standard poodle, Albite, had broken his leg and took him here. It was the best decision I ever made. The staff is really genuine in their concern and care of my dog. Follow up has been wonderful too. I highly recommend this clinic.

– Gail S

My beloved cat, Tommy, was transferred here from our Vet because he was very critical and needed overnight care. Dr. Stratmann and the entire staff were very comforting, professional, honest, and proficient. Unfortunately, after much consideration and discussion with Dr. Statmann, we made a quality of life decision to put down Tommy. I’m so thankful we were in the best of hands during that difficult time, and Dr. Stratmann made the transition as smoothly as possible. Thank you Dr. Stratmann and the whole hospital staff for taking such great care of us during a difficult time.

– Stephanie S

AMAZING! Wonderful staff and doctors. The center was clean and professional. My dachshund got into something toxic so we rushed him up there and as soon as we got there they took him back and immediately started treating him. Out of all the vet clinics I’ve been to this is by the far the best! I see all these bad reviews but most are because of the prices? The prices are not crazy, but yes having a family pet can be expensive if there is an emergency… if you are reading this and worried about the money, apply for care credit which they accept, it takes only a few minutes. thank y’all for saving my fur baby

– Kailey M

Everyone was so kind and caring for our little girl. As hard as they tried she didn’t live. I had to make a very hard decision to let her go. I had time with her before and during . Kind and caring place .If you have an emergency I would recommend them for sure.

– Leah M